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The Brian Cutler Actors Studio is focused on more than just teaching a method. We prepare you to become a working professional with the knowledge and acting chops to dominate any opportunity. Here are a few FAQ’s to answer the most common questions about our studio and philosophy.

How often do actors perform in class? Our goal is always to get every student working in every session. Our environment is not cold or intimidating. We support and inspire one another and encourage freedom to interpret a scene in whatever way the student chooses.


Does every class feature on-camera learning?  Every class is an on-camera opportunity. Our workspace is intimate, usually just a table and two chairs. Students work in front of two cameras and crew, just like on a crowded set that working actors must become comfortable with.


Do I get a copy of my work from class? Students are given digital recordings of their performances, free of charge, to use in any way they want.


How many people are in class?  We like to keep our numbers small to give every student the chance to get up and work, in every class session. We form a support network, encouraging and helping each other to progress, uncover our creative core, and grow as professionals.


Do you offer beginning and advanced classes?  Acting is always a team effort, and we believe that the most effective way to cultivate talent is to mix students of all acting levels together. Often, less-experienced actors can teach others what is and isn’t working in a scene.


What kind of material do you use in class?  We have an archive of 10,000 original scripts, written exclusively for our students. The most effective way to grow as an actor is through performing unfamiliar material. That way an actor is not influenced by a scene they saw in a film, or something they rehearsed before class. A true cold-read scene forces a student into spontaneity and an organic, reactive performance. Nothing is pre-determined.


Do I need any kind of background or experience in acting to enroll? We assume that new students have had some acting school training and possess basic acting skills.  That said, we consider new students on a case by case basis.


Is there an audition process to become a student?  There is no formal audition process. Anyone can audit a class as a guest. If comfortable, we’ll put you in with an experienced actor who will help you find your footing in a scene. What we look for is commitment. We want students who are ready for the hard work that is required to be prepared to be a working actor.


Is there convenient parking? We have ample parking in our own lot right outside the studio.


Can I bring in my own scene?  Our technique depends on students approaching a scene spontaneously and unrehearsed. We use only original scripts that are unique to the Brian Cutler Actors Studio.  Students can submit their own original material to be used in their scene work but only by approval of the studio.


Do you train for stage or film or both?  Our focus is on training our students to become professional, working actors in film and television.


We’re a different kind of actor’s studio and we welcome any student with the commitment and desire to bring their talents to life, to advance and develop, both professionally and personally.


With the right commitment and passion, we will make sure that you are ready to perform in the real world, on set and on camera.


To schedule a free audit, contact the Brian Cutler Actors Studio at 818-424-5470 and let’s get going.



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