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At the Brian Cutler Actors Studio, we concentrate on specialized training geared toward on-camera work in Film, Television and Voice-Over. Collectively, our studio is a living, breathing force, committed to the art of acting. We share passion and dedication, both on a performance and a practical level. We focus on acting as a team sport, and students at all levels work together, just as you would in auditions and on camera professionally. Our emphasis on simplicity and basic instinct is the most effective way to inspire honestly, and to grow the potential of our actor students. We want to see your talents come to life!



Esoteric acting theories are fine for some, but our philosophy is based in letting the magic happen naturally, in capturing authentic moments. We continue in the method of the great acting teacher Charles E. Conrad, emphasizing the powerful handling of dialogue, which is revolutionary in its simplicity and effectiveness. As a working performer with a career that spans seven decades, Brian Cutler knows that actors perform best when living moment to moment, in a highly intuitive state. The most efficient way to refine an actor’s talent is through intimate scenes, performed by two students, either standing or sitting at a small table in front of two cameras. All scenes are original and performed without prior rehearsal or preparation. Students are taught to focus attention away from themselves. This technique enables actors to become present for their partner. The creatively starts to flow, and actors then react spontaneously and passionately with other actors as a scene unfolds.



Our students learn to work in the moment, unrestricted, and without a predetermined outcome. Total concentration away from oneself is the creative source of acting, inspiring thoughts and emotions to flow undraped. Instead of forcing different theories and repetitive exercises into an actor’s head, our method is intoxicating, unleashing students to let go, to be free. This natural, organic approach creates more authentic performers.


We concentrate on the three crucial elements to produce the most effective results for working actors.


Active Listening

Beauty In Stillness

Less is More


Every student is encouraged to perform in every class, and we use only original scripts to allow actors to interpret unfamiliar scenes in their own voice. Where some schools believe in tearing students down to build them back up, we believe in teaching through positive example. We want our students to always be uplifted and ultimately empowered by the exhilaration of our classes.


Our primary mission is to prepare actors to work in real-world conditions. Charles E. Conrad said, “Learning to act for the camera without a camera is like learning to ride a horse without a horse.”  With that in mind, we create a working-set environment, just like the student would encounter on any acting job. We produce a true two-camera shoot for every class and give each student a digital copy for review.


We train to act for the camera, on a crowded set in front of creatives and crew. From the start, our actors learn the importance of focus and camera techniques in order to maximize their performance and movement within those limitations. We keep class size low to ensure that every student is performing every week.



We encourage unlimited freedom for our students in exploring their craft. They are never in competition with one another and we encourage actors of all levels to work together, inspiring and supporting each other. Just as important, there is freedom to fail, without the fear of negative judgement. We push our students forward with specific challenges designed to mimic what they will encounter as working professionals on a buzzing filmset. The layers are pulled back to unleash the creative core, energizing our students to truly find their own voice and presence, moment by moment and impulse by impulse.


Our goal is to see progress, not perfection. No matter what your skill level is, you will be treated with respect, kindness and encouragement.


As primary instructor, Brian Cutler reaches in and opens the tap on decades of on-camera acting experience, forging it into a comprehensive program based on simple and direct performance. To stand out in a competitive audition process, Brian personally prepares his students to take on anything a casting director may throw at them. He also counsels on the more subtle rules of the business, things other studios ignore, such as on-set etiquette and how to read the vibe of a room. Brian makes sure that every exercise is infused with emotion and lyricism and cuts a true path to your inner core.


In the Brian Cutler Actors Studio, every student is given a chance to shine on camera in every class. BCAS students are ready to perform on their very first job, with the confidence and skill that only on-camera experience can teach. Our students step out of the studio armed with the tools to convince film makers of their authenticity. Just as important, we cultivate personal development and personal growth. Our greatest reward, as a top-level learning studio can be measured by our success in inspiring students to grow, both as working artists and as human beings.


We’re a different kind of actor’s studio and we welcome any student with the commitment and desire to bring their talents to life, to advance and develop, both professionally and personally.

Together, we will make sure that you are ready to perform in the real world, on set and on camera.


To schedule a free audit, contact the Brian Cutler Actors Studio at 818-424-5470 and let’s get going.


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