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Alpha Energy, Props That Eat & Fun

Updated: May 29

Brian Cutler: But it’s gotta be much more energized. You know, after working with Charles (E. Conrad) and you know after working with me for a bit that if you don’t have alpha energy when you work then the camera’s got nothing to capture.

Brian Cole: Right.

Brian Cutler: You know. So, I don’t care, and an agent doesn’t care, and a manager doesn’t care and an executive producer, showrunner or director doesn’t care how tired you are, how sick you are, how you feel. You know. Whether you cut off your big toe in the morning with a lawn mower. They don’t give a shit. They don’t give a shit!

Brian Cole: Yeah.

Brian Cutler: You are, you are…a prop that eats! That’s what someone told me a few weeks ago. I never heard that before and I’ve been a working actor seventy-two years. You’re a prop that eats! You know. And depending on how good you are at being a prop that eats, you’ll work a lot! You know. But, again, it’s all energy.

And fun. I didn’t feel either one of you were having fun.

Brian Cole: Yeah. No energy.

Brian Cutler: Yeah, well this is a fun piece so if you don’t have fun with it, I’m gonna… I’m gonna turn the tv off.

Brian Cole: Yeah.

Brian Cutler: You know. I want you two… You’re a great lookin’ guy, a great lookin’ woman. If you two can’t have fun, man, I’m pffft… Fuck! (Laughter) I’m outta here… You know… Geez Louise! BO-RING! You know. You know. So, uh, okay? So, let’s do it again and do it twice as fast and give me lots of fun, lots of energy.

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Andrew Hyatt Masset III
Andrew Hyatt Masset III
16 de dez. de 2022

I studied with Charles Conrad for 3 years. His approach absolutely terrified me. 'Just sit and listen and 'do' nothing...First year I was a mess...second year I was 'spotty'..third year I was 'free' from me and trusted. I miss it all.

Brian Cutler
Brian Cutler
11 de jan. de 2023
Respondendo a

Thank you for sharing your experience with Charles and his process. We live it now through Brian in every class. If you ever want to revisit it with us, let us know.

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