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Directors Don’t Direct Actors

Brian: But the first thing he said to me after the first of shooting; he called me when he got back to his apartment and he said, “Guess what, Brian? The director gave us no direction.” Now where have you heard that, guys? They hire you because you are right for the role. You look right for the role. It’s your job to know what the fuck to do when you get on the set.

A good director is not going to waste time giving you “acting lessons”. You know. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it as many times as I can, in seventy-two years of working I’ve worked with thousands of directors. I’ve worked with five that actually directed people. Five. And that’s because they were very intricate scenes that had to be very sequenced. Timed out. Like when you do fights sequencing. It was that kind of direction. Where you are working with a stunt coordinator and the director. Timing things out. But other than that, guys, they just… They expect you to know what you’re doing.

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