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Updated: May 28

Brian: Which leads me to what we talk about here ad nauseum and that is a wonderful word called insouciance. How many of you know the def…I know Khigh does. Don’t speak yet. He knows the definition of every word ever published in Webster’s.

Khigh: Thank you.

Brian: Insouciance. How many of you know what insouciance is? See, nobody knows. I didn’t know either until I studied with Charles. But it changed my life and it changed my ability to be a working actor. Charles Conrad took me from five and under to costar roles to starring in my own series. And I starred…I’ve costarred in three and starred in my own. Insouciance, Mr. Abner!

Khigh: Carefree activity. Like that of a child.

Brian: Child-like activity. Child-like behavior. Now, we all have it. Somewhere about twelve or thirteen. And guess what? (Raspberry noise) Then we lose it. Why? Big boys don’t wear pink. Big boys don’t cry. Girls don’t play with trucks. Bdlbdlbdlbdlbdl. You know. Garbage, garbage, garbage, garbage. Okay. Insouciance. Child-like behavior. Why is it so important? Because that’s what we base Charles’ process on. “Total concentration of attention away from yourself is the creative source of acting.”

Why is insouciance so important? Because it’s the child-likeness in our behavior that allows us to be creative!

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