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Updated: Jun 5

Brian: Here’s a notification that Khigh received with his audition notice. Station 19 is the name of the show. “Tone note: In Station 19 we shoot a lot of dynamic two shots and group shots so that the actors get the opportunity to pace and shape the scenes together with the director as opposed to entirely in editing.” That’s a good thing. ‘Cause your gonna have a director that’s pretty hands on. That’s a wonderful thing because in over seventy years of being a working actor/singer/musician, I’ve worked with five directors that actually directed actors. That’s over seventy years.

“Enjoy the rhythms. Keep the pace going. And the cues tight. These characters think fast and on the line. Good references for you to look at: ‘The Front Page’,”, which is an old movie which many of you don’t even know what the fuck I’m talkin’ about, “’His Girl Friday’”, which is a brilliant film. One of John’s and Brian’s favorites because two of our favorite actors of all time are in it: that would be Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell. If you don’t know who they are, shame on you! “’West Wing’”. We all know the show “West Wing”. Very glib, very fast paced, very…

Class: Aaron Sorkin.

Brian: Aaron Sorkin. “’Gilmore Girls’. Stick to the text. Don’t improvise.” Because…chu, chu, chu…Chatty Kathy. But, ya know, it’s interesting to know that…uh…I’m right again! (Laughter!)

Oh, that was the quiet part. I didn’t mean to say that part out loud.

No, I mean, you just, ‘cause we have an actor, who’s a wonderful actor, in the Master Class on Wednesday night. He works all the frickin’ time. And…but he doesn’t get the lines verbatim. And it’s okay here ‘cause I don’t care. We had somebody freak out last night in class because they dropped a line. I said, “Fuck, I didn’t write it! I don’t care!”. As long as you know the story and tell the story that’s all I care about. However, Shonda Rhymes, Aaron Sorkin, David Mamet, Sam Shephard. Sam Shephard’s plays are beautifully written. But they’re written in a very Southern, laid-back style. His films that he wrote, same thing. And he wants ‘em verbatim. Ya know.

So, this is just confirmation. Thank you, Khigh. I’m sure your audition went well because Mr. Keating helped you. So enough about that.

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