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“The Fabulous Bonnie Gillespie”

Updated: May 29

Brian: Are you all on Actors Access? No?

Audience: Yes. Yes. Yes.

Brian: Okay. Well, well, you didn’t say “yes”. (To auditor) Oh, oh. And I read your sheet. Stop reading books on acting.

Auditor: Bonnie Gillespie.

Brian: Oh. Bonnie’s the only book we do recommend. Bonnie is a personal friend of mine and a dear, dear longtime friend of John’s. That’s the only book we do recommend. So you picked a good one.

Auditor: Your recommendation. I saw it on You Tube when you recommended it.

Brian: Oh.

John: Oh. Okay.

Brian: It’s kinda funny you should mention that because Bonnie saw it too and called me and said, “Thank you for promoting my book!”.

Audience: What’s her book called?

Brian: It’s called…

John: “Self Management for Actors”.

Brian: It is the only book about this business I recommend. Please don’t buy, don’t waste any time on books about acting. You cannot learn to be an actor by reading a book about acting.

She talks about the business of the business. How you look at yourself. How you promote yourself. How you are the only one of you. You know. And then she gives you a step-by-step program of how to build your business. She’s amaz…. Right now, Jill and John are both going through her hundred days… What’s it called?

John: Get in Gear for the Next Tier.

Brian: Get in Gear for the Next Tier. And it’s a hundred-day program. And there’s something different to do… she sends you something to do every day for a hundred days.

Gracie: Do you have to pay for that?

John: Yes.

Brian: Yes.

John: But it’s worth every penny!

Editor’s Note:For those who would like to try a free sample of Bonnie’s amazing free actor training, follow this link:

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