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Trust Your Body

Brian: …and cut. Very nice, very nice, very nice! You were very still. You were very focused. You stayed very connected to Khigh. That’s what this is all about. Now, what I’d like from you, I’d like you to do it again with Khigh. I’d like you to, uh, give me a little more vocal energy…

Anton: Okay.

Brian: …and don’t feel that you’re pulling back at all. Whatever emotion you feel, let it come out naturally, okay?

Anton: Okay.

Brian: Don’t force anything to happen but allow your body…trust your body. This process allows you, Anton, to learn to trust your body. And the more you trust your body, uh, the more concentration you’ll pour out onto your partner and the more impulses you’ll be able to assimilate as you do the piece. Does that make sense?

Anton: Yeah.

Brian: Okay, good.

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