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You know the words. Forget that you know them.

Brian-Okay, I think what you have to do is…You know the words, now forget that you know them.


Brian-Okay. You’re thinking a little too much. I’m not telling you what to do but when someone yells at you, what is your natural response?

Sydney-To get, like, defensive, maybe.

Brian-Yeah. To get defensive and yell back, isn’t it? And because you were thinking about your next line instead of reacting to Khigh you just did your next line. So, you already know it, now forget that you know it, and just put your total concentration of attention away from yourself, all on Khigh. And wherever he goes, go with him.

Sydney-Gotcha. I need to be more reactive to Khigh.

Brian-Yes. Yes. It all involves your comfort level with the words and involves your active listening. If you’re really listening to him and really connected to him then you can’t help but naturally, instinctively respond to what he’s saying and doing. You can’t help it. You’re thinking, though, if you’re in the left brain instead of the responsive right brain, then you’re going to be thinking about what he’s saying to you instead of responding to it.

Sydney-Right. Yeah. That makes a lot of sense.

Brian-Well that’s the whole basis of this process and why it works so well on film. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be at least a hundred major stars that were trained under this process that are making twenty million dollars a movie. Because this process really works. It really, really does. And I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: I was doing a lot of film and tv work and commercial work, and I was doing costar work and stuff. But once I studied with Charles, he took me from being a costar to being a guest star and starring in my own series. So that’s what this process will do for you. It will give you an advantage that other actors do not possess. Because they are thinking actors and we want to be responsive and reactive actors. Not thinking actors. Does that make sense?

Sydney-Yeah. It makes a lot of sense.

Brian-Okay.Good.So, let’s do it again and just…you already know you know the words.You know what Anthony Hopkins said, “You have to have the willingness to learn the words and the courage to forget that you learned them.”.So, forget you learned them.You know ‘em.Now just trust your body.Yeah.Trust your body.

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