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The best part of the actor’s journey is in the talented people that we meet. Our shared passion and commitment to raising the level of performance is continually inspiring. Here are some of our dedicated students sharing their experience and being a part of our network in the Brian Cutler Actors Studio.



"Every time I go on set, I feel so confident because of this class. Like literally I everything Brian says is like me knowing what’s going to happen on set and he is so right about everything! Thanks to this class I’m so prepared for everything that comes to acting and thankfully so far other people on set including directors and producers see it as well."



"At Brian Cutler's studio, you will not only learn about acting, but also receive the guidance and direction to navigate an industry full of challenges.  Brian's classes are small enough they create a community-like atmosphere among fellow students and instructors.  It is a safe place for folks to improve their craft and exchange ideas and opportunities amongst each other.  Brian will work closely with you to identify your strengths and weaknesses.  He will challenge you each week with new material to help you come out of your comfort zone and become a better actor."



“The BCA Studio has been one of the best schools I have ever been too. Brian and Jill do so much for their students. Also the amount of work Brian puts into finding scenes for everyone is mind blowing. I’ve been with them for almost 3 years and I still haven’t seen the same scene twice. I see my growth after working with them. I highly recommend this studio."



"The Brian Cutler Studio has been so important to my progress as an actor. Not only is Brian patient with helping you get over obstacles, he’s also excited to see you grow. The studio is a Great and Safe environment to discover your true potential."



"An actor needs to be continually working on their craft. Artistic growth is essential to our art.  That is one of the many reasons I study at the Brian Cutler Actors Studio. Brian is dedicated to facilitating the continual growth of his students. He has a keen insight into each student and has a gift for getting students to stretch and grow. He challenges us with material that expands our abilities. With over 10,000 pieces of material, Brian is able to select work that stretches us. And since we are in Hollywood, all classes are on camera classes. We are taught to perform for the camera and are challenged with original material that could easily be performed in any major motion picture. Not only do we learn the craft of acting, Brian guides us on the business of acting with his over 70 years of experience in show business. I’ve only touched on a few of the many reasons why I continue to study with Brian. I highly recommend checking out the studio with a free audit. Your craft and career will be glad that you did."



"My name is Khigh Abner. I have been a fortunate student at the Brian Cutler Actors Studio for 15 years. Of the many wonderful aspects of this class, I'll highlight two. The first is the material with which we work and train is original scripts, as opposed to using scripts from television and movies. This allows each student to use their own creativity and inject their own personality into each role, instead of being mentally hindered by performing a role that Clint Eastwood performed, for example. The second feature is a statement that is introduced to each student at the start of training: total concentration away from yourself is the creative source of acting. That's focusing completely on your scene partner, paying attention to what they're saying and how they're saying it, and not being concerned with yourself and all your hang-ups. Just saying your words, and more importantly, listening to your partner. I cannot be able to repay Brian Cutler and Jill Morehouse for my growth and maturity as an actor."

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"Special shout out to Brian Cutler, my acting coach since 2005.  I started out with him on a Masters level for five years until I became so busy as an actor that I couldn't go to class.  (18 years as an actor.  120+ films.)  Without his 70 years in the industry as an actor and as an acting coach, I wouldn't be where I am today.  He is a close friend and I credit him and his training for a lot of my success.  He was the protege of acclaimed acting coach Charles Conrad.  If you want to learn acting the right way, where less is more, stillness is beauty, and mastering the art of being in the present moment 24/7, search no further than him. 

Wouldn't be where I am without you."

To schedule a free audit, contact the Brian Cutler Actors Studio at 818-424-5470. Your actor’s journey begins here.


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