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Don’t Ever Limit Yourself

Updated: Jun 5

Brian: Don’t ever look at the age as a… I… you know, I’ve been doing this so long… I’ve gone to auditions for a lead in a movie and the only sides they had were for two teenage kids, but they still had everybody read the same sides because that was all they were letting people read. You can’t look at the age range of a piece. Just kick ass, do your best, commit the rest and don’t give a fuck and you’ll be fine. Period.

Don’t ever look at the… oh, oh… This… I’ll tell ya a real quick story. I had three actresses go on an audition…Uh… one was Asian, one was Caucasian, one was a woman of color. The idiot Caucasian person didn’t look at the other two lines, script, uh women. It was three women. It was a huge, international Sprint commercial. She didn’t look at the lines for the Asian or the African American. No where in the script did it say, “Hello! I’m an African American. You want to have some coffee?”. No. It was three women in the coffee room at the big Sprint headquarters in Kansas City having a coffee break. Okay. So, the two gals, Asian and African American, looked at all three women. I knew the director they were going to see. I knew what he was going to do. He was going to say, “Would you read woman one, you read woman two, you read woman three.”. “Now, you read woman two, you read woman three…”. He was going to have all three of them… ‘cause they didn’t know how they want to cast it! Well, she didn’t get cast because of that. She wasn’t prepared with the other two women.

Don’t ever limit your thinking to say, “Oh, oh, this is for a duh, duht duh duh…”.Vassili wouldn’t have done half of the work he’s done in the last year, or CMS for that matter, if they only read the description and said, “Oh, eh, uh, I can’t do that!”.

Don’t limit yourself. The universe has unlimited opportunity for you.Don’t let your left brain and your stinkin’ thinkin’ keep you from doing something better, greater, more demanding…you know…That’s all. That’s my speech. I’m done. I’m finished! Class is over! (Laughter!)

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