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Progress Not Perfection

Brian: Look, all we’re to do is practice, guys, we’re not here to be perfect. F*ck perfection. You’re never going to be perfect. Get over it. I don’t care what Grandma told you. What we’re after is progress. Every time we work we want a little progress. And that’s why I ask you to read “Mastery” because he talks about roadblocks and, and plateaus. And those are two things people don’t know how to deal with. Especially actors. ‘Cause were so f*cking vulnerable… and, and, yeah. And, and we, we just aren’t ready for that stuff. And if you’re not ready for that…If you’re not ready to be a marathon runner don’t be an actor. Sprinters don’t last in this business. They just don’t. Trust me, I know. I’ve been doing it seventy-five years. You know. And I’ve never been out of work. Never! As an actor, singer, musician, director, coach. Never. Thank you. I know how blessed I’ve been.

But you just have to make up you mind…you can quit as many times as you want, just so you never give up.

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